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          1-780-518-0248 learn@

          Golf Lessons

          Rhonagolf is the premier program for learning the game of golf in the Peace Region. Rhona offers several instruction programs that are formatted to help you develop as a golfer. Players of all skills levels or handips will appreciate Rhona’s approach to teaching the game of golf. Her one-of-a-kind mps, programs, clubs, golf outings, and private lessons are designed with the student in mind.


          Vision of Rhonagolf

          The Vision of Rhonagolf is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER AND EDUTE. The MISSION of Rhonagolf and Rhona is to PROMOTE the game of golf and serve as a role model on and off the course.

          Rhona Law is the sole proprietor of and works in partnership with the Bear Creek Golf Club. Rhona is a Class A LPGA Teaching Professional whose mission is to make the game of golf enjoyable for golfers at every level.

          Rhonagolf…the game begins with you!

          New Provincial Health Restrictions

          New Provincial Health Restrictions

          Junior Golf Programming has been postponed due to the restrictions. The After School Programs and the Junior weekend programs will now be pushed by 3 weeks. The following are the changes we must make: Wednesday Programming will now start and end Wednesday, June 2 –...

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          Learn to Play, Play to Learn

          Children learn very differently than adults.?In fact, the main style of learning for young children is through play.?Blending goals with challenge, imagination, and self-discovery create the basis for a child’s learning environment. Research shows that people who...

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          Putt Your Way to Lower Scores

          Putt Your Way to Lower Scores

          Putting accounts for about 40% of your overall score, yet we spend less than 10% of our time practicing it. I drives me crazy when I go to the golf course and see the driving range full and the practice green empty. As we move closer to the golf season take some time...

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          Rhonagolf… the game begins with you!